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Quena Tapia Folklore Duos

Quena Tapia and Ximena Valverde searched and found each other. They missed each other in Barcelona, ​​but found each other in Berlin: Quena's voice and singing were joined by Ximena's voice along with cello, guitar and charango. Quena was born in Berlin to Chilean musicians and studied music in Chile and Spain. Ximena comes from Chile and has recently moved to Berlin as a music teacher and music therapist. The two have been playing folk songs from Chile, Peru and Bolivia together for a year now.

Quena Tapia and Carly Quiroz:

The duo of Quena Tapia (vocals and guitar) and Carly Quiroz (piano) plays tango and folk from Latin America with soul: Alma Latinoamericana. After a time together in Barcelona, ​​the two met again many years later in Berlin. They have been playing together here for almost ten years. Latin American music is so diverse in harmony and rhythm, full of poetry and wonderful melodies that it inevitably brings fun and passion with it, which the musicians pass on to their audience.

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