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 Lakitas de Berlin 

Andean traditional music

First Lakitas parade of Berlin

Lakitas de Berlin emerged in Germany in 2019 with the purpose of spreading the cultural traditions of northern Chile, whose main instrument is Sikus, and sharing them with people from different countries.


Traditionally, the musical group that plays the Sikus is called Sikuris. However, in the northern part of Chile (Iquique and Arica), it is called Lakitas. The structure and repertoire of these musical groups are different from similar formations in other areas of South America.


Following this tradition, Lakitas de Berlin was born, made up of a total of 15 musicians who use alternative Sikus built with plastic tubes and percussion instruments such as the bass drum, snare drum and cymbals.

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Instrument of South American origin that is originally built with reed tubes and materials of natural origin.

Learn how to build it here .

Our group has blowers, percussionists and dancers, originally from Chile, Bolivia, Germany and Catalonia. The presentations are made mostly outdoors, as well as at parties and parades. The musical genres that we interpret are Huayno, Taquiraris, Cumbia, Morenadas and Tinkus. Likewise, we interpret marches and typical targets of Andean towns and urban areas.


Lakitas de Berlin seeks to include these cultural manifestations in the urban context of Berlin and other European countries through a musical, visual and intercultural proposal. The musical director is the renowned Chilean musician Luis Lincheo, who currently resides in Berlin.


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