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 Music Album 

Viene el Arcoiris

My first children's musical album

During the year 2021, I set out to collect and arrange some of the songs I have created to work with children. This has always been based on the appreciation of Latin American music as the main source of inspiration.


In this way, the album "Viene el rainbow" was born with songs about animals, environmental care, animal liberation and, in addition, the music of poems by Latin American authors was included.

In addition, during the recording of the album I was in the maternity period of my third daughter. While we were recording the voices, I was breastfeeding my two-month-old baby, so in some songs you can hear their breathing and baby feeding sounds.

For the recording of this album, Chilean musicians participated who contributed by playing different instruments:

1_FRONT COVER_arcoiri_ximena_valverde.jpg

Luis Lincheo: Guitar, charango, quenas, zampoñas.

Andro Schampke Valverde:Percussions.

Valentina Lira: Accordion.

Josma Soldado and Leonora Jorquera: Choirs.

Raúl JorqueraBass guitar.

Ximena Valverde, as the author of the songs, I recorded guitars, charango, voices, choirs and cello.

Listen to the full album

1. El mundo mágico de la música

2. El rin del pececito

3. El grillo cantor

4. La mariposa

5. El rin de las manos limpias

6. Soy una llama

7. El lagartito

8. En donde tejemos la ronda

9. La polka de la granja

10. Tinku para el sol

11. Viene el arcoiris

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