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Educación musical. Investigación musical. Como enseñar música en la escuela. Como aprender música. Investigación musical en chile. Profesora de música para niños en Berlin. Latinoamérica en el aula. Latinoamérica en el aula fiestas y carnavales. Música andina en Europa. Música andina en berlin. Música andina en Alemania. Ximena Valverde.
Educación musical en la escuela. Investigación musical. Aprende música. Enseña música. Música para niños. Profesora de música en Berlin. Músico. Ximena Valverde

Musical Research

Contributes to strengthening

and validation of musical discipline in formal education and as a tool for social change.

Research Articles

A contribution to music education

Music education in schools does not receive the importance it deserves and its strengths are not used for learning during childhood. That is why through rigorous research and methodology, I seek to contribute to the strengthening of the musical discipline and achieve a systematic assessment in the formal educational curriculum.


Currently, the research lines on which I work include the didactic of music education, music at school, traditional music as a learning tool at school and the interdisciplinary value of music in the educational curriculum.


Since 2019, together with a group of Chilean researchers, we have formed the Centro de Investigacion Musical y Educacion Musical (CIEM)  with the aim of promoting the investigation of the discipline in different learning contexts.


Next, the research articles of my authorship and co-authorship in different specialized magazines. Original version: Spanish.


Music therapy program for aging people with intellectual disabilities.


Analysis of strengths and weaknesses in relation to the contribution of artistic education in the subsectors of Mathematics, Language and Sciences of the Teachers of the first basic cycle of the Hispanic Italian School of the city of Iquique.


I recognize myself, I express myself and I believe; music therapy for high school students. An experience of development and personal improvement with students from the Alto Hospicio district, Chile.


Sounds of the desert: The music of the bronze bands of the Tarapacá region in Chilean formal education.


Traditional music in the classroom: Tarapaca bronze bands and their contributions to school music education. Design, implementation and evaluation of a proposal to work in the classroom.

The bronze bands of Tarapaca (Chile) as a context for musical learning and cultural transmission.

Traditional music in the classroom: contributions for meaningful learning at school.


The sounds of the Tarapacan tradition in the music classroom.


Proposal of alternative principles for music education in a Latin American context.


Resilience of Chilean music teachers in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Everything sounds! Musical Education as a backbone learning experience at school.

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